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          Geothermal Energy

          Nalco Water is committed to leading the geothermal industry Well Ahead.

          Geothermal energy is a sustainable, reliable, and renewable energy source. Nalco Water partners with the geothermal industry to support the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of geothermal energy generators. We work with you to help achieve your goals, through a combination of global industry expertise, on-site technical support, best-in-class connected chemistries, and smart technology.?

          Geothermal Capabilities
          Nalco Water Geothermal Capabilities

          Nalco Water is dedicated to ensuring geothermal plants’ consistent, sustainable performance through comprehensive solutions including Geomizer modeling, scale & corrosion control, deposit removal, cooling water treatment, H2S abatement.??

          Explore a Geothermal Plant


          Featured Offerings

          Geomizer: The World’s Premier Geothermal Modelling Software

          Protect your most valuable assets through predicting your plant’s risk for scale, corrosion, and cleaning needs.??

          Success Stories and Papers

          Geothermal Plant
          Scale Control?
          New silica inhibitor allows a geothermal plant to increase generating power output and reduce injection well cleaning frequency.?
          Corrosion Control

          Online corrosion control and monitoring returns a Turkish geothermal plant to continuous operation after two-year corrosion shutdown.?

          Geothermal Pipes at sunset
          Online Well Cleaning

          Read how Nalco Water helped a plant improve their overall TCO by gaining additional sellable power, while eliminating costly plant downtime.

          Read our paper presented at the Geothermal Resource Council Annual Meeting about the method and the results for increasing recovery of geothermal production well, injection well, surface equipment, and oil wells.
          Cooling Water H2S Abatement?

          Patented technology helps a geothermal power plant reduce hydrogen sulfide emissions by 98+%.