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          gas fired power plant

          Gas-Fired Power

          A power plant’s main condenser has more impact on overall thermal efficiency than any other unit process.? In today’s competitive, deregulated power market, low heat rates and operating costs are a real competitive advantage.? Power plants also want to be good corporate citizens of the communities in which they operate and good stewards of the environment.
          Nalco Water delivers high reliable performance to customers through a combination of industry expertise and consulting with on-site technical service, connected chemistries and digital technologies.


          Customer Success Stories

          Waterfall CloseUp
          Texas CombineD Cycle Plant uses Nalco Water PURATE? technology to improve generating efficiency
          Industrial Plant
          California Combined Cycle Plant Uses Nalco Water’s OMNI Condenser Performance Program to Reduce Annual Fuel Costs By Over $500,000
          Filming Corrosion Inhibitor Reduces Corrosion in Combined Cycle Plant with Air-Cooled Condenser

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