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          Your business is made up of processes with critical cooling and high-performance water and air requirements. Our data and safety driven approach in this industry is world-class.? We can help you ensure reliable production support while minimizing water and energy costs – enabling you to remain competitive with documented, sustainable results.

          Explore a Microelectronics Fabrication Plant

          Detailed Case Studies

          water reduced by 7.2 million gallons Annually

          NXP Semiconductor and Nalco Water team up to save water, reduce operating costs and improve results.

          Semiconductor fab saves $111,348 annually

          Semiconductor fab reduces air handler electrical consumption by 11.5%. With their total kWh reduced by 1.22 million
          900 tons of CO2 reduced they saved $111,348 annually.

          Saving More Than just Data

          Greenhouse gas reduction exceeding 3,369 tons/year of CO2/year and 7,000,000 gallons of water saved.

          Our capabilities

          HVAC Air Quality Management
          Air Handlers

          Nalco’s COIL-FLO? coil cleaning services improve HVAC coil efficiency and air quality resulting in “more air, cooler air”.? We provide end-to-end data driven energy assessment and cleaning of the air coils, freeing up your staff’s time, while executing reliably, safely and professionally.

          Process Cooling Water (PCW)

          Nalco’s emphasis on controlling scale, corrosion, and microbio in Process Cooling Water helps protect the water that provides a reliable manufacturing environment in the fab, to help ensure consistent production.

          Plant-Blue Pipes_cooling_tower.jpg
          Cooling Water Systems

          Nalco Water’s cooling water technologies enable microelectronics fabrication facilities to use reclaimed process rinse waters as cooling tower make-up and, in certain cases, eliminate the use of fresh water for cooling towers – all with assured asset preservation. Nalco’s 3D TRASAR? Cooling Water Technology can detect system variability, determine the correct response and deliver efficiencies of operation and cost.

          Analytical support capabilities

          Nalco Water’s global analytical support enables faster, more thorough troubleshooting and problem resolution.? Examples of laboratory support include: Water analysis (Ultra-Pure Water (UPW), PCW, Wastewater, Cooling Water, Reclaimed Water); Microbial analysis; Deposit analysis; Failure Analysis (metallographic); Reverse Osmosis Membrane autopsies; Corrosion coupons.?

          Ultra-Pure Water

          Nalco’s PermaCare product line and control technologies help prevent Reverse Osmosis (RO) problems and ensure high quality permeate, as well extending membrane life and reliability.

          Legionella can infect Cooling Towers
          Water safety

          From Legionella testing, inspection of cooling towers to cleaning & disinfecting and the certification supporting a cooling tower water management plan, Nalco Water’s Water Safety Protocol provides a complete water safety solution.

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