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          About Nalco Water

          The world’s leading provider?of water treatment and?process improvements,?Nalco Water?partners with customers who?seek innovative solutions?for water and resource?constraints. As an Ecolab?company, we’re perfectly?aligned with the corporate?vision to be the global leader?in water, hygiene and energy?technology and services,?providing and protecting?what is vital.

          Nalco Water Is Innovation

          At NALCO Water, water management is our passion. Every operation is unique, so Nalco professionals approach each customer’s business goals and water needs individually, and then explore ways to make their systems perform more efficiently.

          Advancing Water Technology

          3D TRASAR? technology has revolutionized water?management by allowing our customers to have complete real-time?access to their water systems. Combining chemistry, remote services,?monitoring, and automated control, this technology helps customers?improve efficiency while reducing water and energy use.

          Meeting Water and Process Challenges

          Our water expertise is unrivaled?as is our partnership with?customers to solve their toughest?challenges. We work with a?wide range of businesses from?commercial buildings, food?processing, automotive, power?generation, chemicals and primary?metals to process industries like?papermaking and mining.